Rambo and Rowdy are the two Percheron  work horse geldings here on the farm. They help us haul fire wood, pick up rocks and spread organic matter.     
They are 7 and 8 years old. The
Percheron Draft Horse  originated in La Perche  France. It was the main draft horse in the US before the tractor.
These horses are on the Recovery list at The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy ( ALBC) and a come back for small farm and homesteaders.
Here they are enjoying their time off.
To find out more about the Percheron draft horse please go to
There is a Draft Horse and Draft Animal Club forming. Check out the link below.
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Look at these boys, all ready to go for the wedding.
Rambo and Rowdy, Summer
Back home after a nice drive
in the early summer of 2009
Here we are at a local Field Day.  The Ozarks Draft Horse Association held the event  at the High Plains Percherons Farm
located in West Plains MO.  This event was open to the public.  We all had a great time helping each other with the big
horses. Thank You so much to Judy and Jerry Peck for hosting this special event.
In this picture we have Shires on the left and Belgian on the right.
Teamsters View.
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Having fun with the big boys.
Our friend Nancy and I are riding
the big boys. This was a fun day.