I'm from Europe so my mother introduced us to goat cheese at a young age. I have aways enjoyed it and when I moved to the states it was
not easy to come by, back in the 80's.  When my husband retired and we moved to the country I started looking into dairy animals.
We fell in love with
Alpines, so we went and got three Alpines and a Nubian goat
I use their milk for making soft cheeses, Feta cheese,  yogurt and raising some pigs each year. We also enjoy the raw milk. For more info on
the benefits of raw milk please go to

We have some raw milk for sale right here of the farm starting in the middle of April each year.

All our animals are registered and we have sometimes kids for sale.
Here is Princess, the daughter of Sweetie, with her kid.  
She was born on  April the 6th. 2010.      
Bella, our grade Nubian. She has been a real good mother as long as
we have her.  She is the first Dairy goat we ever owned.
This year we got two bucklings from her.
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Here they are and what a great pose.
We sure enjoy them, May 25TH 08
Here is Donna, one of the girls. She has been shown in 4 H
and is a good milker.
We bought Clove from a very good
breeder in Cabool.
Kaiser, the new registered herd sire. This photo was taken August 2011.
He produced some real nice loud colored kids last spring.
Another pretty face here at the
farm, Shy Girl.
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