Here are our sheep peacefully grazing. We raise market lambs out of Katahdin/  Dorper crosses and
found that they are very hardy. We like to use Katahdin ewes and a Dorper ram.
Both breeds don't have to be sheared and the  Katahdin don't have to be  tail docked.
Almost no hoof trimming is required at our flock.
We have several ewes which never have been wormed since we own them.
They are raised naturally here at the farm. Our
grass-fed young lambs are running and playing
happily here on 67 acres with other livestock.
Lots of sunshine, fresh clean water and plenty of grass creates a lean, tender and flavorful
meat. They are handled and kept in a stress free environment.
Here they grow until they are  80-100 lbs. Then they go directly to the
processing plant in
West Plains, Missouri.

We only sell lambs on the hoof and can transport them for a fee to the processing plant
in West Plains or Koshkonong.
Here are the lambs running and playing. We call it :
"The Lamb Races" Ready, set, go........." March 2010
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Our herd shire
Here are the new comers. Two purebred Katahdin sheep.
They don't need any shearing. Fall 2008.
We added these two spotted   
Katahdin ewes in June 2009.
Here are most of the sheep and the llama grazing
on this nice fall day, Oct 09
Here are the proud ewes with the lambs
Jan. 2011
My husband Al changing their
Al with our bottle baby
A nice ram lamb
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